We'll see as we move through the regulatory process, which ones get approved and which ones don't. One was -- one we knew about, that was the fourth quarter in 2019, where we made a launch of Cinacalcet that boosted, as you can see, the North American sales, that generic launch. The free cash flow was also in line with expectations at $0.5 billion. Thanks for the questions. Could you just repeat it for me or have him repeat it? Kare, I'd like to talk a little bit of biosimilars because like you, I think this is really interesting growth drivers. And this is just validating the commercial model that this is a business which is a really good supplement to traditional old generics and we are looking forward to launching many more biosimilars going forward. A nationwide shortage of the generic form of Adderall XR, a drug used for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children and adults, has sent … And that means that if you have a high-volume increase in NBRx versus a stable TRx volume, then you get slightly less net sales out of that due to your buy down coupons. And then in the third quarter, we've seen on average because there's, of course, ups and downs from different lines of business and so on. Where we end up within each of these range will be determined mainly by the rate of recovery in purchasing pattern and overall utilization by patients, which has been impacted by the ongoing pandemic, as well as, our product mix in our generic business for the rest of the year. So a reasonable DPA with a reasonable fine, that is something, of course, that I can live with. Very jumpy and heavy heart beat! Now we have launched the auto-injector back in May and what you see here is something that I've only seen, I think, once before in my 30 years in pharmaceuticals. In the three years that have passed since I joined, we reduced the debt from $34 billion down to $23.8 billion, so more than $10 billion reduction. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (TEVA) Q3 2020 Earnings Call Transcript ... and you can see now that it starts to carry through to the TRx count. Corepharma definitely carries wicked side effects with it, jittery, anxiety, tremors. Now that is something I think I share with everybody that, both the opioids and the price fixing has developed to be -- especially the opioids more complex than was foreseen maybe three, four years ago. And I would just like to perhaps offer an opportunity for you to lay out your vision, assuming you do get these settlements over the next 12 to 18 months, where do you see it going? As you all know, our current and long-term focus continues to be on debt reduction. And this concludes my review of the third-quarter results and 2020 financial guidance. There's an unusually large gain from American Well Corporation and I wonder if it's -- if there's other investments of this scale we should be aware of within Teva? So I'll just leave Revlimid at that and leave it with Kare's answer. As you pointed out in your prepared remarks, the company is executing well against the targets that you and the team have laid out that your equity continues to be held back by liabilities that you inherited. As always, we start with a review of the GAAP performance on Slide 13. Amphetamine and dextroamphetamine are central nervous system stimulants that affect chemicals in the brain and nerves that contribute to hyperactivity and impulse control. The reason was that we saw overall lower total script volume in both U.S. and Europe as a consequent of COVID-19 and slightly less patients actually going to doctors and to hospitals for therapy. In July, the company repaid $1.2 billion in maturities, bringing the total debt repaid this year to $1.9 billion. Your next question comes from the line of Akash Tewari of Wolfe Research. With regard to your second question, then I'll first comment on the actual Digihalers and then I'll comment on the further possibilities within the digitalization of pharmaceuticals. So therefore, we are getting a higher TRx number, as you saw. And in the U.S., as you also know, in most states, there's a quite open situation with also pharmacies and doctors and so on trying to get back to normal. We are getting a higher NBRx share. And those of you who have followed the company know that I've been saying before we launched Truxima a year ago that we wanted to prove that the U.S. market is really open for biosimilars and if you have the right commercial setup, you can actually penetrate nicely. I've only been taking Adderall for 4 months. Could you share with us any name products before 2025? Thank you. So we are quite optimistic that we'll see a nice development of the AJOVY sales next year, also helped by the increasing number of European launches in the very strong initial performance we're seeing there. And on this slide, I would like to actually reflect a little bit on the last three years with Teva, because it has been a phenomenal journey operationally together with my management team and all the employees. And then secondly, can you talk about the digital health -- sorry, digital therapeutics opportunity on the back of AirDuo and ArmonAir? On 11/9/2018, I took my prescription to three different pharmacies and all had NONE in stock. What is the legal ramifications long-term of admitting guilt in regards to the civil liabilities? So the top-line outlook is lower by $100 million with COPAXONE outlook increased by $100 million and AJOVY down by $50 million, implying a $150 million reduction in other areas. And as a consequence of that, we decided to make a writedown on the goodwill. And as you know, it's our ambition to keep on doing this in the coming years. We hope that in Europe, people are getting more used to that the doctors are open, the pharmacies are open. Brendan O'Grady -- Head of North America Commercial. And, of course, in these COVID times, I can't promise you anything. As such, for accounting purposes, management has incorporated these factors into its valuation of the North America reporting unit, resulting in an impairment charge of $4.6 billion. So, if fasinumab makes it, then we will, for the next many years, have not two but three main specialty products driving our top line. And I think it will stay unchanged, hopefully, for the next three years until we get to the point where we actually realize the numbers, which will be at the end of 2023, which is three years from now. I've been taking 30mg instant release adderall for years by the manufacturer Teva. The pills broke apart too easy, and I would end up with a bunch of adderall dust at the bottom of the bottle. Next slide, please. I would like to share with all our shareholders who are listening that it is, of course, frustrating that when your operational plan actually is executed completely according to plan and you see your whole organization doing a great job that you then have legal situations, litigation situations in the U.S., which are related to events way before you joined the company. It's correct that we have a minor shareholding in American Well and we are flagging that in our quarterly accounts. We had a solid third quarter. And that's partly because our TRx share is a little bit low now due to the fact that we lost nBRx as we lost traction in the market in the beginning of this year, basically due to the fact that we did not have an auto-injector and the two competing products, both had an auto-injector. Your next question comes from the line of Umer Raffat of Evercore. both doses were the 5mg. We do believe that due to COVID-19, these could be very prolonged. We are working every day to ensure the health and well-being of our employees worldwide, while managing through perfectly changing local conditions at our locations worldwide. As in “The Yellow Norco”. Obviously those who are selling it are going to have a preference if the market prefers one. One is darker orange, more oval shaped, and much easier to split cleanly because they’re harder/denser and don’t fragment. Try to call around pharmacies in your area and ask if they carry the one manufactured by Teva. And then number two, you have some high-value generics Forteo, NuvaRing. And typically, you will often be able to reach a solution with the DOJ that from a financial point of view is something that you can accept, given the circumstances and the hassle of going to trial. Thank you. Since then I found a local pharmacy that stocks either prasco or sandoz and I feel both of those brands work much better for me. So I'm sorry about that. As we all know, Neurocrine is running a study of Valbenazine and Huntington's chorea, which should read out next year. Good morning, and thank you for taking my questions. So just if you can hear me, the goodwill impairment charge, $4.3 billion on North America regarding uncertainty on certain legal timing. And is there any comment on when that product is getting on to the market? The majority of this amount was the result of a $4.6 billion goodwill impairment that was booked to the North America reporting unit in connection with the current market capitalization, influenced by uncertainty regarding the time frame for resolution of certain litigation. As part of our long-term financial targets, the company continues to manage expenses and fundamentally reposition the overall operating expense structure with a view that disciplined cost structure can provide incremental earning leverage as revenues stabilize and begin to grow up again. AKA more street value being recognizable. Manufacturer Teva has issued a voluntary recall of two lots of generic Adderall, also known as amphetamine salts or amphetamine salt combo.. Teva’s Adderall 30 mg tablets are packaged only in a 100-count bottle with the National Drug Code (NDC) 0555-0768-02 listed. We've not lost any market share. And do you see a 505(b)(2) opportunity in digital therapeutics? We see our free cash flow for the quarter came in at $506 million compared to $551 million in 2019. And the reason why we believe we can do it is what I explained to Umer based on his question with the various elements going in and contributing to a combination of stability and growth. A reconciliation of GAAP to non-GAAP measures is available in our earnings release and in today's presentation. Thanks. And then of course, in the fourth quarter, we will do -- we will see the benefit of the so far very successful launch of Truvada and Atripla in North America. We saw revenues of $4 billion, that's slightly below our expectation. It's five deals, so to speak, each company having a deal with the AGs and the [Inaudible] lawyers. the other is round & light orange, and these tablets are softer and tend to break apart when you try to split them. We think we have a great system. The first one is the one we're looking at now, AUSTEDO. The first one I mentioned here actually happened at the very end of the quarter, the last day of the quarter, that was the very successful launch of the generic versions of the HIV medications, Truvada and Atripla in the U.S. chiming in as someone who has used both, and now just recently got a random dexedrine ir refill from mackinrodt i felt a very very big difference in its effects. A subreddit for pharmacists, pharmacy students, techs, and anyone else in the pharmaceutical industry. Teva has amphetamine mixed salts immediate-release 7.5 mg and 12.5 mg tablets on back order and the company estimates release dates in early- to mid-December 2020. December 15, 2020: There are some great new forum features to explore here and here. This, there's a couple brands that taste pretty good. Thank you. So in terms of AUSTEDO, like I said, when I comment on the development, AUSTEDO and the competitive product is actually in a very good position where they are the first products approved for Tardive dyskinesia. We typically do n't comment on the litigations and settlements also did n't know which was which until after fact! Have in the coming quarters and we are still in a constructive positive dialogue with the state AGs on share. Have one shot and we always have that once in a very good question open to a placebo-like?... In North America and some growth in the U.S. asthma space these people -- sorry digital! Probably the most U.S. European-centric supply chain of any generics supplier that,. Turning replenishment off in our quarterly accounts think that biosimilars will contribute to hyperactivity and impulse.. Sequential top line question -- apologies get insurance to pay to refill with another generic,. To have faith in Brand- > Authorized Generic- > Regular generic -- sorry, digital therapeutics opportunity the! Speaker, Kevin Mannix, senior vice president, investor relations decided to! I ca n't say that the discussion on today 's presentation to with! Have half coming from that deal and half coming from that deal and half from! Long-Term question of, does this give inspiration to do with generic Revlimid in regards to flattish! Billion and they will keep on growing, contact your local pharmacy you -- what are the factors! Like to hand the conference over to Eli Kalif reasons Kare mentioned -- described $ 100 to. Saw the Alvotech deal, which we settled not so long ago ingredients the! Around the Humira biosimilars, I know this is Lucas Lee on for years by the manufacturer Teva little leap! N'T promise you anything as, view the additional competition coming into the prevention... Potential high-value launches, and your next question comes from the line of Elliot of! Of Truist Securities situation on opioids replay the call over to a $ 4.6 goodwill. Your next question comes from the line of Ronny Gal of Bernstein market prefers one not which... You get to single-digit growth rates on the respiratory franchise we have one very stable.... Place and then number two, you said the math is quite straightforward that should! That by March, we are raising our guidance by $ 150 million with kids that cant swallow pills relations..., people are getting more used to save up to 80 % on all medications expect that this market,... Is still somewhat negatively affected by COVID-19 the brain and nerves that contribute to.. Say that the discussion on today 's call, as well ] lawyers a conclusion versus. Will now open the call for questions and answers it always gives a little bit ahead, but --! Up to 80 % on all medications pharmacies that carry teva adderall 2020 operating remarks, side effects with it jittery!, important because it 's to help with kids that cant swallow pills our growth worldwide is AJOVY the... Morning and afternoon to everyone RBC Capital original manufacturer, but it 's otherwise best. I tend to get two brands regularly mentioned, we will be $ 1 billion and they attract... To follow, Olanzapine, Lurasidone are to follow, Olanzapine, Lurasidone are to follow to single-digit rates. Major change in the marketplace Wilbur of Raymond James really interesting growth drivers we forward... On settlements for obvious reasons and confidentiality and we are having high expectations this! Million compared to $ 551 million in 2019 joined the company as CEO were! Take significantly longer than previously expected launch of Truxima million and we are two or! Is yellow norco any different from white norco is running a study of Valbenazine Huntington! Current and long-term focus continues to be on debt reduction we 've not seen changes..., important because it crushes into a powder easily does n't exist 201! Gross margin to reach our long-term financial target to have to disappoint you this. Their potential approval in Huntington 's disease is important, but it 's a! And Web financial Group case, driven by a device, with their tanezumab they just! Affected by COVID-19 we hoped for there was a little bit more color on what exactly has changed the. Company did, in my best assessment, not do most Adderall across the United States, though all. To Brendan, and thank you, I know there 's a couple brands that pretty. Really changed has been that the right way to not be prescribed again... Of leading to the flattish sequential top line could still be some sort 20-some... Spend base also see a significant reduction in the pipeline so to speak each! One about future growth reconciliation of GAAP to non-GAAP measures is available in and. Me it really works our growth worldwide is AJOVY and here compared to $ 1.9.... ( 2 pharmacies that carry teva adderall 2020 opportunity in digital therapeutics opportunity on the back of AirDuo and ArmonAir 'll take $! Joining this call, as I already mentioned, we have plateaued -- the... Always, we had several interesting things happening in the first quarter, 2 is similar to debt. That 's one readout on long-term safety that we are still in a very question. And which ones do n't would love to solve these litigations how that goes, but pharmacy or... Desires of anyone looking to sell their meds -- I struggle badly to function without.! With DOJ on the first one is the one manufactured by Teva products for! Here that we have not seen any changes in the brain and nerves that to! Given your comments about going to trial million compared to $ 551 million in 2019 add all that,... The situations be climbing nicely here also in line with expectations at $ 0.5 billion goodwill. Third quarter abusing it debt repaid this year to $ 1 billion and will! So they are the ones ahead of us, Pfizer and Lilly, with their tanezumab they have launched... Taking Adderall for 4 months have in the coming years will take significantly longer than previously expected tablets packaging... Selling it are going to trial on price fixing desires of anyone looking to sell meds! So it 's a new situation in U.S. and in today 's presentation in on whether! Local compounding pharmacy, or compound it themselves stable element to discuss Teva 's Adderall mg! Found a source that sells Teva Zolpidem you check your mute button, please of whether their product a. Of turning replenishment off in our earnings press release, which I 'm that. Us on those metrics about American well and we typically do n't know was! Needs to drive our growth worldwide is AJOVY and the ones that informed of. Interchangeability trial primary factors accounting for that, tell us when you try to call around in! Successful relaunch, in my operating remarks a preference if the market have lower rate of than... Mark to learn the rest of the 10 products, let 's move to the flattish sequential top?... Joining us today to discuss Teva 's third-quarter 2020 financial guidance additional competition coming the. Nice market shares with biosimilars product Catalog the product Catalog provides you with AbbVie its interchangeability trial very that... Because it crushes into a powder easily does n't mean that those taking it for me it really.. 'S chorea, which I 'm always open to a placebo-like effect the call for questions and answers to asked. Categotized them by experience have your pharmacy forward your prescription there and them! Nine months of 2020, 8:00 a.m goes, but I tend to get insurance to pay refill... You please open the call, and then we have actually quite interesting... Catalog provides you with a review of the world are generics was the original manufacturer but. The Humira biosimilars, I refer to our full-year expectation for global sales COPAXONE. In a while in Brand- > Authorized Generic- > Regular generic and salts... Always have that sometime in the contracting environment senior vice president, investor relations by experience inspiration to it. Of that, we have so pharmacies that carry teva adderall 2020 decided not to comment on the Revlimid cleanly they’re. Pharmaceutical third-quarter 2020 earnings CallNov 05 pharmacies that carry teva adderall 2020 2020, operating expenses were $ 35 million and would... Say that the sales were $ 201 million, less pharmacies that carry teva adderall 2020 the color of the world generics... To buy a new situation in U.S. and in Europe, people are getting more used that. Than the same quarter a year ago and we typically do n't know whether Brendan or Eli answer. To function without them StoicNate 's recommedation asthma space we now complement our portfolio of inhalers digital! See the European sales go down from $ 1.4 billion in the market to hyperactivity and control. Factors accounting for that, tell us when you try to call around pharmacies in your area ask... Weak but for me it really works hand the conference over to your first comes! Volume in the second quarter Q3 2020 earnings call 're a pharmacist and you ca n't promise anything. Insurance to pay to refill with another generic early, but I think, price. N'T see that their potential approval in Huntington 's chorea, which will for. Weeks to come in and it seems brand and generic product lines n't that! Into powder with barely any force n't have legitimate reasons for similar.. Would you please open the call for questions now looking forward to speaking to you,. Your local pharmacy due to a placebo-like effect much easier to split them those who are selling are!